Chenille Somers

Deltona, Florida

Elegant Ink Notary and Officiant Services

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Learn about Florida Entrepreneur Chenille Somers:

Much of Chenille Somers' inspiration for starting her business, Elegant Ink Notary and Officiant Services, came from her own personal experience in 2018. Her drive and motivation to take action on her idea comes from a true desire to help people. Somers shared the story behind her journey and what she hopes to accomplish with her new business.

"On June 2, 2018 I got married," she said. "My dream was to have this big wedding, with a huge guest list, but unfortunately it didn't happen the way I dreamed. All I knew is that I didn't want us to spend our special day at the Courthouse saying our vows. So me and my fiancé decided we would do a small intimate wedding, invite a few family and friends, and then go out to dinner afterwards. I looked around for a wedding officiant who would give us a reasonable rate and I found a great lady by the name of Lizette. She help me in every way to make this big wedding I had in my dreams come true in a small ceremony with about 15 guests. Our ceremony was held at a park and it was just beautiful. It was Lizette that inspired me to start my business to help make other people feel as special as she made my fiancé and I feel that day."

Not long after that experience, Somers got her Notary Commission so she could officiate marriages in the State of Florida. She also got to work registering her business, building out the website, setting up her business Facebook page, putting together Facebook ads and spreading the word about her services. She recently hooked up with a local event planner to work together and offer package deals for clients.

For Somers, whose full-time job is working as a Staffing Coordinator at a Skilled Nursing Facility, her side business is something that brings her a lot of joy.

"People think you need to spend a lot of money for a wedding," she said. "The truth is that you don't. I was able to have a smaller wedding that was amazing and didn't cost a fortune. I love being able to share this with other people. I also love meeting new people and this business allows me to do that."

As a Commissioned Notary Public, Somers offers general mobile Notary Public, Loan Signing Agent and Wedding Officiant Services. Looking ahead, her goal is to expand her services throughout Volusia County.

What advice does Somers have for aspiring entrepreneurs? "Just do it," she said. "Don't let anything keep you from doing something you desire to do. Sure, there have been days when I want to give up, but I don't. I've always been the person that wants to help other people. If I can help that one person who was in my situation to make their day special come true, that's enough to keep me going."


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