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Bradenton, Florida

Soul To Soul Yoga, LLC
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Learn about Florida Entrepreneur Cheryl Albright:

Cheryl Albright, Founder of Soul To Soul Yoga, is intent on helping people move and breath better as a way to improve performance in their every day activities. The mission of Soul To Soul Yoga is to teach and make yoga accessible to all individuals, regardless of their age, disability or limitations. They offer group, semi-private and private classes for all skill levels. Cheryl would ultimately like to see her clients be able to move on and to feel comfortable participating in more traditional yoga studios.

In addition to running Soul to Soul Yoga, Cheryl works as an Occupational Therapist. As far as Cheryl's concerned, Yoga is a form of therapy. "Often times I'll bring a yoga class to my occupational therapy clients. I take off the OT hat and use yoga as treatment," she said. Her clients include children with special needs, senior citizens and adults living with disabilities. She personally discovered yoga in 2009 and decided to move down to Florida in 2016 after a snow storm brought seven feet of snow to Buffalo, New York before Thanksgiving. Prior to moving down to Florida, Cheryl ran a similar business in New York.

We asked Cheryl what Soul To Soul Yoga will look like in 5 or 10 years. "I want this to be a hub for my friends with disabilities. I see a place for caregivers to do yoga for themselves and not just their clients. I see a place to host support programs." She wants a place where third parties don't dictate how many visits individuals should receive and how long those visits should be. She wants a place where she can use her talents to help make a positive impact on every client she treats. In the short-term she's looking at hiring a few new therapists to expand her offerings.

Cheryl's advice for aspiring entrepreneurs is pretty straightforward. "It takes a lot of work and it's not all puppies and rainbows. Having support systems, mentors, coaches, and a team are essential." She also recommends The 5 Second Rule by Mel Robbins. The 5 Second Rule is a book that helps you break habits to become more productive. Another recommendation is Shut Up, Stop Whining & Get a Life by Larry Winget.


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