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Palm City, Florida

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Chris Annase, founder of orgHunter, is a serial entrepreneur whose second act looks to be just as successful as his first. Before launching orgHunter, Annase founded GSE Market, the largest sealed bid auction system in aviation history that allowed airlines to auction their unwanted ground equipment for 2,000% more than they received previously. Now heading orgHunter, there's no sophomore slump for Annase. "We won the Martin County Small Business of the Year Award in 2015," he said. "We are in a growth mode right now providing a platform and vetted data to power philanthropy."

Annase's orgHunter helps people on a global scale find charitable organizations through geo technologies and support those charities. But orgHunter is much more than a simple matchmaking site. "We make our data available to app developers who want to include a philanthropic component to their business model. If they want to direct a portion of sales to charity, they come to us to get the status of the charities in the US on a daily basis," Annase said. "We have over 1,000 partners that consume our data for one reason or another."

Aspiring entrepreneurs would do well to pay attention to Annase's model for success, which starts with a passion for technology and how to use it to solve business problems. "Understand what the market requirement is and clearly define what business problem needs to be solved," he said. "Then it's all about taking the leap. If you have an idea, you have to stay committed to it because it always takes longer than expected. Lastly, learn from your failures. They are opportunities to learn."
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