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Boca Raton, Florida

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Chris Daniels, founder of Candidate.Guru Inc., is a true serial entrepreneur who knows the best reason to start a company is to solve a problem by changing the status quo. "When I was working in the executive search industry, I saw an opportunity to develop technology that could help improve the recruiting industry," he said. "The next step was to figure out if I could build a company around this project, fund raise for it, etc. Candidate.Guru was born from being on the inside of the industry and identifying a problem that nobody was solving with technology."

Now, just more than two years later, Candidate.Guru has raised a substantial amount of capital, won the top prize of $100,000 at the Florida Venture Forum's Early Stage Pitch Competition and was voted the top South Florida startup by the Miami Herald out of a pool of 255 applicants. "We're finishing up a fundraising round now," Daniels said. "We're most of the way towards completing a $950,000 round with the help of lead investor Fan Fund, based in Orlando. Raising money for early stage companies in Florida is not easy, but we have been able to do it. We want to become a Florida success story. It would have been easy to move to New York, San Francisco, Austin or another startup hub but we chose to keep our company here in Florida."

Patience and persistence is what Daniels recommends to aspiring entrepreneurs. "It takes a lot longer than you expect and it is a lot harder than you think to get a business off ground so you have to have a real passion to do it. Have a passion to change something, an industry, a company, a market, something that needs transformation. Then work really hard to make it grow and prosper."

That is exactly what Daniels has done with Candidate.Guru, which has developed a technology that can predict a culture fit between prospective job candidates and company hiring managers without the need for survey or assessment tools. "Often the challenge is companies receive an overload of applicants but have no idea how well they will fit into the company," he said. "That's a problem because 60% of new hires fail due to the relationship with their boss. We figured out how to use technology to solve that problem. The value proposition is our technology makes the recruiting process more efficient because you can rank job prospects not only by qualifications but also by fit and ideally talk to 50-70% fewer candidates. We decrease a company's time to fill open positions and help drive down the cost of talent acquisition."


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