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Chris Edwards, co-founder of Trinitas Advisors, believes that nothing impacts the growth and profitability of a business as much as how its leaders work together.

"When leadership is not performing, the rest of the company perceives it and the company's performance suffers as a result," he said. "Trinitas helps owners, presidents and CEOs of small to medium sized businesses create the aligned, cohesive and process-driven leadership teams they need to build top performing companies, accelerate growth, increase profitability and sustain success."

Trinitas Advisors points to three differentiators: experience, processes and a focus on finding the root cause of issues.

"Our proactive advisers have all been owners and leaders of real world businesses," Edwards explained. "We are across the board experienced operational executives. Second, we have a very practical and proven process for building leadership alignment, cohesive teamwork and process-driven execution. What you find typically in the entrepreneurial space is that top leaders don't look at the leadership function as a key business function like accounting or manufacturing and operate in a more ad hoc fashion. We bring process to the leadership team. Thirdly, we have a unique ability to help facilitate the more substantive and meaty conversations that are needed to identify the root issues holding the company back. Many entrepreneurs mistake the symptom for the cause. For example, thinking a poor culture is a core problem is probably not right – but recognizing it as an indicator a of a deeper problem gets to the heart of what needs to be addressed. We address root causes, and that’s why our clients find success. "

Edwards' advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is to avoid focusing on the technical work of product development to the detriment of leadership development.

"Typically, entrepreneurs are product or technically driven and the advice is to quickly get beyond being the product person and becoming the business leader," he said. "The most successful companies are purpose and value driven and aligned to where they're going. Entrepreneurs get hung up on the technical side but the business needs leadership to flourish and grow. You need a dual path to promote the product and to become the business leader your organization needs to flourish."


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