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Fort Lauderdale, Florida

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Chris Hodges, co-founder of GoGig, is an experienced entrepreneur who conceived the business model for GoGigg during one of his MBA classes.

"In a boring MBA finance class when I should have been paying attention, I came up with the idea for GoGig based on some online dating elements and applied those elements to the niche of passive job seekers, which was a large market in need of a solution to help them advance their careers," he said. "I put pen to paper, generated a business plan and engaged my co-founders from my other startup. We raised some capital and it was off to the races throm there."

GoGig is a confidential, professional network that is designed to help currently employed job
candidates to advance their careers without their bosses knowing, based on the candidates desires and personality traits and other information not typically seen on a resume.

"We built an algorithm that matches those desires and personality traits to hiring companies that have what candidates desire in the locations the desire," Hodges said. "No resumes, no job postings, no applications. Hiring has long been stuck in this notion that job postings and resumes are the only efficient way to hire people. We looked at a world where people put a lot more information on social media than ever before. Companies that succeed have a deep understanding of their customers and employees that they work with. The hiring function has long been lacking this sort of understanding of individuals when making a good hire. GoGig factors in those social media elements that comprise individuals, such as their personality, psychographics, and desires. In just two to four minutes of completing your profile, candidates get matched with hiring professionals that are a ‘fit’ for what they desire. The algorithm does all the heavy lifting. Recruiting professionals benefit from using GoGig, in that they can now short-list top quality passive candidates that will be more likely to respond to their outreach."

Hodges' advice for aspiring entrepreneurs is to think long and hard about raising investor money. "Decide whether you need to raise money before you assume you have to," he said. "You need to answer a list of qualifying questions and write down why you need to raise capital to understand if you need to because there are many more ways to launch a business that don't involve raising capital."


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