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Tampa, Florida

Florida Podcasters Association
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Learn about Florida Entrepreneur Chris Krimitsos:

Chris Krimitsos, founder of Florida Podcasters Association, is a serial entrepreneur and community builder whose goal is to build Florida into the number one location for podcasting talent.

"My ultimate goal is to make Florida a hotbed for podcasting and to give the state ownership of a mass media platform," he said. "California has film. New York has TV. I want Florida to have podcasting. The reason why we can do that is podcasting is a location-independent activity so podcasters can move to Florida. We are on our way and have planted the seeds to becoming a dominant force already."

Krimitsos has built Florida Podcasters Association into a prime driver of podcasting success in Florida. The Association helps individuals amplify their message via the medium of podcasting by providing success tools to members.

"What makes us unique is that the individuals who attend are very successful at navigating the maze of monetizing and promoting their podcasts. Therefore, the cross flow of information is robust and high quality. We have found that 40 percent of our members have monetized compared to a much smaller number nationally."

Krimitsos advises aspiring entrepreneurs to be resourceful. "When money fails you and you don't have the resources, you need to become resourceful in finding another way to make things happen," he said. "For startups, I advise they read Guerilla Marketing by Jay Conrad Levinson because raising awareness of your company is critical in the early days."
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