Chris Morhardt & David Bernstein

Port Saint Lucie, Florida

Pharus Group
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Chris Morhardt and David Bernstein, co-founders of Pharus Group, came to entrepreneurship from opposite paths, which they credit as a significant factor leading to their success. "While I have started, grown and sold several companies, my business partner had a successful career in corporate management specifically leading turnarounds of multi-billion dollar conglomerates," Morhardt said. "We've married those two philosophies to bring shareholder accountability to small businesses."

Pharus Group is more than a business consulting firm. "We augment a small business not only with knowledge and experience, but also bandwidth" Bernstein said. "Our business model outsources senior business management and implementation."

Pharus Group offers assistance in four core departments: financial, marketing, operations and human resources in addition to sell side services. "When we work with a client, all our departments speak to each other," Morhardt said. "They are all aligned to the ultimate endgame of the business the same way any large corporation would operate."

Their advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is to appreciate the importance of shareholder value. "One of the shocking things to me moving from the corporate world to the small business world is the opposing perspective on shareholder value," Bernstein said. "I have trouble reconciling why public companies with millions of shareholders care more about shareholder value more than a small business with one or two shareholders. Don't get so consumed by the day to day that you lose focus of equity development and shareholder value."
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