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Lake Mary, Florida

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The odds are not bad that in the near future, your smartphone and TV screens will be brighter, more vibrant, less power hungry yet also cheaper thanks to technology developed by NanoPhotonica, a Lake Mary company founded by serial entrepreneur Chris Morton.

"We build nanomaterials and combine them in such a way that the conversion from electricity to light and back is more efficient and generates pure, bright colors," he explained. "And the market applicability is very wide. Our first target application is to use that set of capabilities to build next generation displays but the technology is also applicable to building next generation lighting and solar panels".

NanoPhotonica's patented technology builds upon research conducted at the University of Florida. "The full power of quantum dots has not been fully realized in today's production displays," Morton said. "The quantum dots are used as overlays to older technology to augment brightness and color. The problem with that use is that it is very expensive and not as efficient. Instead of using quantum dots as an overlay to incrementally improve displays, we use them to fundamentally generate light of any color right from electricity so that displays are 60-70% cheaper to produce, very thin, malleable and power efficient. Our technology unlocks the full power of quantum dots and nano-materials without any cost-penalty."

Morton has two key pieces of advice for aspiring entrepreneurs. "The first is to know yourself and be honest with yourself about what you really want to achieve when creating a company, and what your strengths and weaknesses are. Knowing that will allow you to decide what role you should play and to how hire effectively to complement your strengths. The second is to realize it’s a business - an artful combination of technology mixed in with lots of market penetration blocking and tackling. It takes both to succeed."


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