Coletta Dorado

Vero Beach, Florida

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Coletta Dorado, founder of AZZLY, an electronic medical record and billing software solution for substance abuse treatment centers and behavioral health organizations, helped start, grow and sell a financial services firm before identifying the opportunity that led to her launching AZZLY. "My history has always been in entrepreneurship," she said. "I spent 25 years in the financial security sector and assisted in the growth of a firm that grew from four to more than 600 independent brokers before we sold it to a major banking institute. My passion for healthcare sprung from the fact that I led the initiative to transition the firm's processes from paper to paperless. When you look at healthcare it was so similar in regard to the regulations and documentation burdens that it was a very easy to see the opportunity to develop a system that could provide an all-in-one solution."

AZZLY specializes in the niche sector of substance abuse and mental/ behavioral health instead of trying to be all things to everyone. "We took a very holistic approach by creating software from the ground up that incorporates the intake and admissions process, calendaring of events or sessions, and documentation of electronic health records all the way through to billing and claims," Dorado said. "We offer a solution for medical billers to bridge the gap between a center's clinical needs and business needs. Our holistic approach helps to drive efficiency, productivity and strong detailed documentation which assists in getting facilities the reimbursement levels they feel they deserve."

Dorado's advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is that entrepreneurship is a tough road but a worthwhile one. "It is always going to take more time and more money than you’ve ever dreamed," she said. "You need to be dedicated to sleepless nights, sticking to your vision and not quitting. If you believe in what you're doing and your solution, there's always a way and the ability to attract others who believe in you too. In addition, find resource agencies to help your business like GrowFL. It gives you a very good foundation and can launch you into the investment community. Don’t give up. Reach out. Get engaged with the community and resources that are available, but don’t think it's easy."


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