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From the moment Cordell Jeter felt the freedom he thought he would never experience again, his mission has been to provide others with the opportunity to feel that same freedom. Cordell, founder of TrackedMobility, was a three sport high school athlete who attended college on a football scholarship. However, a car accident in 1988 broke his back and paralyzed him from the waist down. Ever the athlete, he took up wheelchair racing – competing in 10k events, marathons and even competed in the 1992 Paralympics in Barcelona, Spain where he won a bronze and a gold medal and broke a world record.

However strong he was though, his wheelchair just didn't function on surfaces other than pavement. "For 28 years I've been following paved paths," he said. Enter the recently invented tracked wheelchair that moves using tracks like what is commonly seen on military tanks. "Using the tracked chair gave me a sense of freedom I didn't think was possible again," Jeter said. "Now I can go to the beach, travel trails, and enjoy parks. I'm not restricted to paved surfaces any more."

That experience was the spark for his startup TrackedMobility, which sells and rents tracked chairs. "One chair alone costs between ten and fifteen thousand dollars," Jeter said. "Many disabled individuals can't afford that so my company rents them by the day so they can spend a day at the beach or in a park like everyone else." TrackedMobility is headquartered in North Port, FL, selling chairs statewide and renting them from Clearwater down to Naples.

Cordell's advice to entrepreneurs is focus, patience and perseverance. "That's the bottom line and all there is to it," he said. "Nothing comes quickly."
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