Craig Romero

West Palm Beach, Florida

OZ Naturals
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Learn about Florida Entrepreneur Craig Romero:

Craig Romero, co-founder of OZ Naturals which was named one of GrowFL's Companies To Watch for 2016, believes in strategic growth even if it means turning down business. "Our goal is to grow as a digital direct to consumer skin care company leveraging online retail platforms before we enter the big box space," he said. "We turned down some big box retail channels because we continue to see significant opportunity to brand and grow in the digital space."

Romero mentions that both he and Co-Founder Angela Irish, are optimistic about their company's growth trajectory and has good reason. Because of OZ Naturals performance in the U.S. and European platforms, it has been approached by Amazon China and Japan to offer its products in their Asian markets. OZ Naturals is currently analyzing its international strategy in carefully chosen countries with a great potential to grow and thrive.

"Strategic marketing has definitely played a vital role in our growth," Romero said. "We take an aggressive approach to our digital marketing strategy to reach current and future customers with highly targeted campaigns. Our expertise in digital marketing has allowed us to grow our market share exponentially."
Romero honed his digital marketing skills in his first startup, a digital ad network that he sold in 2007. "I learned digital marketing early on," he said. "I learned so much from my first startup that I was able to leverage it to continue in entrepreneurship and launch OZ Naturals."

That expertise has been so critical to the company's success, it is also Romero's advice to aspiring entrepreneurs. "Learn a skill that can help generate sales and build a business," Romero advises. "Your skill needs to be one that can generate profit so pick wisely when you choose what skills to learn."


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