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Riverview, Florida

The Water Filter Warehouse
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Learn about Florida Entrepreneur Dan Kelleher:

Dan Kelleher, owner of The Water Filter Warehouse, is no stranger to good water. He grew up in the water system and water filtration industry. His dad spent 25 years as a Vice President for RainSoft. Dan joined his father as a sales representative with the company. He eventually moved up to regional manager. After gaining valuable experience working for RainSoft, Dan decided to start his own water system and filtration company in 2008. Unfortunately, capital was scarce and the timing wasn't right. Dan then joined Culligan as a regional sales manager. "I wanted to continue to learn the business from one of the biggest companies out there," said Dan.

In April 2017, Dan launched The Water Filter Warehouse. They offer their customers custom fit whole house water filtration systems, reverse osmosis systems, water filters and water bottles. They also service and maintain client systems. According to Dan, "If you look at the info specs of the label, your fridge filter is only designed to remove taste, odor and chlorine. Reverse Osmosis is what's needed to give you truly purified drinking water." Dan is serious about the importance of clean and safe drinking water. "If you look at a water quality report, they usually say to consult with a local doctor if you have an infant or an elderly person in your house consuming tap water. I don't think anybody should use raw tap water," he said.

The Water Filter Warehouse has seen tremendous growth since they launched in early 2017. Dan attributes this growth to several things. "We focus on quality products and ensuring that the manufacturers are following our exact specifications. I give every customer my cell phone number, which gives them direct access to me. We like to provide an extreme level of customer service." They're also very smart about when and how the advertise. "We'll knock on doors, do Facebook ads or Yellow page ads, but it all depends on the location in which we're advertising and who we're focusing on," he said.

The Water Filter Warehouse has big plans for the future. "Our goal is to become a franchise operating in every major city in the country within 10 years," said Dan. "We're also in the process of re-branding our image and company name to Hometown Water. We think this name will resonate with more people." Their first office, outside of Florida, will open next month in Virginia. They plan to keep the office small and lean as part of their competitive advantage. With all this growth will come a need for more room and easier access to talent. Dan says the company will eventually move their headquarters to Tampa.

Dan's advice for aspiring entrepreneurs is, first and foremost, to love what you do. He also emphasizes the importance of believing 100% in the product and/or service you're selling. Lastly, Dan believes in operating your business with integrity and honesty. "With these three things, your company will grow exponentially quicker because you'll develop trust with your customer base," he said. Dan also recommends the books 10X Rule by Grant Cardone and Relentless by Tim Grover.


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