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Gainesville, Florida

Admiral Adblock Analytics & Revenue Recovery
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Learn about Florida Entrepreneur Dan Rua:

Dan Rua, CEO of Admiral, is a successful serial entrepreneur and venture capitalist responsible for backing and building more than 40 early-stage tech companies across three funds, including helping Florida music streaming pioneer Grooveshark reach more than 100 million users worldwide.

"When Grooveshark wrapped up in 2015, we were able to keep a core part of the world-class development team together to tackle another big mission: saving the free internet," he said. "Our first 13 employees were all from Grooveshark so we were able to hit the ground running with a tremendous culture and product that has become the gold standard in the anti-adblock industry. Admiral is on a mission to save the free internet. Adblockers cost digital publishers and content creators billions of dollars in revenue per year, and that impact grows daily. Left unchecked, the free sites we all use daily for information, entertainment and political empowerment are destined for a death spiral of layoffs, content degradation, and ultimately bankruptcy. "

Admiral helps publishers determine the size of their adblock problem and solve it with a platform to measure and automatically recover lost revenue.

"Admiral offers the broadest suite of adblock recovery options for publishers worldwide," Rua explained. "Unlike some one-size-fits-all solutions in the market, Admiral's platform offers four modules, Measure, Engage, Recover, and Transact, that allow publishers to customize their approach to ad blocking and their unique audiences. Beyond sizing and recovering lost ad revenue with Measure, Engage and Recover, Transact also grows publisher relationships with their visitors via microtransactions, subscriptions, and even a "Netflix of the Net" bundle that empowers users to subscribe for ad-free viewing across a network of popular sites.

Rua's advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is to go solve the big problems. "Starting a company is easy, but building something significant is hard," he said. "Unless your goal is a lifestyle business, find really big, hard problems to solve. Your likelihood of attracting smart growth capital and great people will be higher, and the rewards, both emotionally and financially, of tackling big things every day will make the entrepreneurial roller coaster more fun."


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