Dan Watkins

Tallahassee, Florida

GloFX Wholesale

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Learn about Florida Entrepreneur Dan Watkins:

Dan Watkins, the founder of GloFX, didn’t set out to be an entrepreneur. Nonetheless, his interests and skills have led him to entrepreneurial success. GloFX was recently recognized by GrowFL as a Florida Company to Watch for 2016. “I never thought of myself as an entrepreneur until someone else described me as one,” Watkins said. “I’ve always been a salesman interested in building and creating things. The creation of GloFX just happened naturally as a result of my passion for sales, business, and product creation. I love to take a concept from R&D, then through prototyping and manufacturing, on to sales and marketing, and finally to product fulfillment and customer service. I love to work on each of these parts and watch them come together into a successful system.”

GloFX designs, engineers, manufactures and sells its own unique glasses and LED & glow products. Their main market is the Electronic Dance Music (EDM) and music festival community. “Through our retail and wholesale outlets, we focus on offering products that are of absolute quality, even more than you may think is necessary,” Watkins said. “That’s what helped us get ahead in our industry: we develop nothing less than top notch, superior products.”

Being named a GrowFL Company to Watch was a pleasant surprise for GloFX. “To me, it’s an absolute surprise and honor,” Watkins said. “To have GloFX recognized on a large scale by an organization such as GrowFL has opened my eyes and made me pause and appreciate what we’ve accomplished. This award means a lot to us and to all of our employees. Although we’ve been recognized in our industry niche for several years, with this award we are now being recognized as a true competitor in the global business community.”

Watkins’ advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is this: stay up to date on technology and focus on developing the best products, employees, and systems. “When starting a business, you need to be laser-focused on developing the highest quality products, creating strong business systems, and you must find and train good employees to operate those systems,” he said. “Stay organized and focused on those three things; that is what made my business successful. It may sound easy, but you need to work hard every day and push yourself to be the best.”


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