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Daniel Morris, co-founder of Virtualhand, was pursuing a master's degree in Spanish literature and a graduate certificate in entrepreneurship thinking he would launch a translation business. However, he ended up earning a master's in entrepreneurship also and decided to take a different entrepreneurship path that let to co-founding Virtualhand. "We connect homeowners with electricians, plumbers and HVAC professionals through video chat because most home repair issues are simple enough to do with just a little guidance," Morris said. "For a limited time we are offering free sessions while we beta test our service. We use Skype for video conferencing while we build out our mobile app to include video chat capability."

Morris conceived the idea after video conferencing with a long-time friend and now business partner Nick Stoykov. "Whenever I had an issue at home, I would connect with Nick who is a professional electrician and all around handyman on Skype and he would walk me through the issues," Morris said. "One I mentioned that this could be a business that could benefit both homeowners by helping them save money and professional contractors by adding a new revenue stream. That's when we decided to start Virtualhand."

This is Morris's second startup following his graduate degree in entrepreneurship. His advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is to keep your head up and learn from your mistakes. "Don't give up," he said. "Be persistent. It's a long road. The only way you'll learn is by trial and error. Be prepared to fail at some things and use them as learning experiences. Get out there and do it. It's one thing to read and learn about entrepreneurship, but it's another thing to do it."
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