Darin Karp

Sunrise, Florida

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Darin Karp, founder of ReloQuest, is a serial entrepreneur who has refocused his attention inside the temporary housing industry that he knows so well after launching diverse ventures outside that space. In a classic entrepreneurial trajectory, ReloQuest's initial business model encountered difficulties until Karp identified an approach that allowed the company to gain real traction.

"We originally built it with the same mindset as a conventional temporary housing provider," he said. "We discovered very quickly that clients wanted to use the platform but didn’t want to use our temporary housing company. Getting turned down was the turning point when we transitioned to make it an independent software company. Becoming independent from the housing providers is what made us successful. That’s what made the industry want the product."

ReloQuest is a transparent, unbiased sourcing platform for the temporary housing and serviced apartment industry within the corporate relocation mobility space. Like Expedia has done for hotels and Airbnb has done for vacation rentals, ReloQuest is to the temporary accommodations market.

"As for anyone who may be trying to compete, our most significant differentiator is that we are an independent and a fully transparent tech solution that gives the client full control over the platform," Karp explained. "We are not a provider of temporary housing with an internal biased software platform used to primarily fill their own vacant inventory."

Hard work is the secret to Karp's success and also his advice to aspiring entrepreneurs. "If you're not in it 150 percent, don't launch a startup," he said. "You must be willing to work until two or three in the morning. You have to be willing to do what everyone else is not willing to do. You have to have thick skin, be driven and you have to know you'll overcome any obstacle."


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