Darryl Keys

Port Charlotte, Florida

Zypha Corporation

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Learn about Florida Entrepreneur Darryl Keys:

When Darryl Keys, Co-Founder of Zypha Corporation, first got started in the business, he and his co-founder had a global license to technology that enabled heavy diesel trucks to run dual fuel diesel and propane, which reduced emissions and fuel costs. However, they shuttered that effort as the supplier was ultimately unable to confirm compliance with emissions regulations.

At that point, Keys and his UK based co-founder decided to refocus the U.S. subsidiary by exploring opportunities for his co-founder's successful U.K. telecom billing business. But after nine months of intensive research, they decided that the future was desktop virtualization. Keys explained, "We said to ourselves, 'OK we've got a business that is well capitalized and located in the U.S.. What can we do with it?" That pivot was the birth of Zypha and Keys has not looked back since.

Zypha, all the IT that you need plus a lot more," Keys said. "This is a big statement and I am sure that many have heard this before and have been mostly disappointed. Zypha has what many others profess to have but lack in the delivery. Basically Zypha gives you one stop, one point of contact for all your IT needs and wants. We are particularly attractive to small and medium sized businesses that employ between 5 and 200 employees. Our customers enjoy the luxury of only having to contact one person for any IT problem including any specialty programs that their business employs."

Zypha also supply their customers with an incredibly secure system that works quickly and efficiently with virtually little or no downtime. Systems that have even marginal downtime can bleed off profits in a hurry.

Zypha does this with a state of the art system that is housed in an ultra-secure data center. According to Keys, your workstations are no longer dependent on that server in the back room. As a matter of fact Zypha shuts down your server and you never have to spend thousands to buy another one. Furthermore, you also do not have to maintain it or have that bill from your IT Company every time it has a hiccup. Think about never having to deal with an update, never having to replace your software, and resting easy knowing that your data is as secure as it can get. Never having to deal with a back-up or worse yet experiencing a loss of valuable data.

Your business demands your attention in order to prosper, we worry about your IT so you can devote your time and attention to what makes you successful in your business," Keys said. "Did we mention that we save you 15 to 20% of what you are currently spending on IT? Call today for your FREE analysis of your current system and we will show you how you can stop worrying about weaknesses in your system that allow things like computer viruses and ransomware creeping in and robbing you of time and money."


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