David Hartmann

Boca Raton, Florida

The SilverLogic
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Learn about Florida Entrepreneur David Hartmann:

David Hartmann, founder of The SilverLogic, has always been drawn to entrepreneurship in part because he comes from a family of entrepreneurs.

"My family must have the entrepreneurship gene because both my mom and dad have their own businesses, as does my brother and me," Hartmann said. "We've all always been drawn to building something. I got together with two friends with complimentary skillsets after college to found SilverLogic. Over time, they followed different paths while I continued the path of SilverLogic. I enjoy technology. It’s a passion of mine, as is building companies. It's allowed me to be part of the journey of many different companies including startups and to help them build technology and innovate."

The SilverLogic is a software engineering company that builds custom technology for companies ranging from startups to enterprise level along a broad range of disciplines from Apple and Andriod to API integrations and Internet of Things and augmented reality.

"Our core differentiator is we bring a lot of leadership to the table; we're very value driven," Hartmann explained. "We approach projects from the perspective of delivering as much value as possible from the very start by targeting the features that will add the most value so clients always have a good feel for what value each feature provides at what cost. We advise them regarding which features are better to implement earlier or cut outright following the lean startup method."

Hartmann recommends aspiring entrepreneurs read The Lean Startup by Eric Ries.

"When you start a business, it's easy to fall into the trap to try to make everything as efficient or as scalable as possible for when you have a large clientele, but in the beginning, you might do things that aren't efficient or scalable but it's okay. The first customers you may white glove instead of having an automated system because while you're doing that, you are figuring out that automated system. In the beginning you can get away with a lower budget if you figure out things yourself and build as you gain revenue and proof of concept of the business model."