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For David Sawyer, founder of TSOLife.com, relationships are key to both personal fulfillment and business success. "Launching this company would have become way too much ages ago without the great co-founders I have and the strong support I receive from home," he said. In addition, TSOLife's mission is to foster stronger familial relationships. "TSOlife at its core is a group of people who want to change the way our clients are remembered so they have a strong personal legacy," he said. "We want to strengthen intergenerational connections and bring people together. We want grandkids to sit down and speak with their grandparents and get to know them better before it's too late."

TSOLife.com is an online platform where users can literally write the story of their lives using text, audio and video media to be preserved for generations to come. Now your great-great-grandchildren can hear the sound of your voice and view video of your life that you created. "What's unique about our platform is the way we approach the problem in that we don't want to be a simple repository of information but instead an interactive platform that users want to engage with," Sawyer said.

Sawyer started his entrepreneurship journey early making T shirts. He sold three to his grandmother and not one more. "l still have 250 T shirts in my closet," he said. "I went from one failed venture to another until I had this personal need to fill. It was difficult when my grandmother passed and I realized that I never really got to know her - how she met and fell in love with my grandfather for example, and what it was like to raise my father."

Now Sawyer is solving that problem for others and TSOLife is growing. "We're doing a lot of personal historian services for clients in The Villages," he said. "And we're getting into documentaries as well. In fact, we just finished our first one for former U.S. Senator Max Cleveland. That is now in the Library of Congress, which is mind boggling."

Sawyer's advice for entrepreneurs is to prepare yourself for a long, difficult road. "You rarely find overnight success," he said. "It's a lot of grueling days of one door being closed on you after another and if you're not psychologically prepared to deal with that difficulty you could find yourself in trouble." The solution is relationships. "An entrepreneur is only as good as their team," he said. "Make sure you don't try to do it alone. I've got fantastic co-founders and strong support at home."


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