Dawn Keegan

New Smyrna Beach, Florida

Verimour, Inc.
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Verimour, the brainchild of Dawn Keegan, was founded in November of 2017 on the basis of love, honesty, transparency and a sincere desire to connect the men and women that bravely serve our country in The United States Armed Forces. Keegan, a Marine Corp veteran, envisioned the platform based on a personal experience that allowed her to see a need and develop a solution.

"My ex-husband, Tony, and I got divorced in early 2015," she said. "After 12 years of marriage, the easiest way to get back out there was with dating sites. Unfortunately, it was not the experience I was hoping for. The behavior was horrible and I noticed a trend of people using pictures of military personnel for their own profiles. They were doing this so they could say, 'Because I'm over seas, an in-person meeting is not possible'. They would then ask for money. I was determined to find a better way."

The better way was Verimour, whose original tagline was 'Love.Honestly.'. According to Keegan, Verimour is described as a nexus between dating apps and meetup apps. Keegan joined forces with Tony, who took the time to learn the language necessary to build out the platform, and together, they've worked towards the evolution of a new way to connect. The result is a platform focused on security measures including authentication and ID verification utilizing services provided through ID.ME. and a new tagline, 'Connect.Honestly.'. According to Keegan, for military personnel interested in meeting and/or dating others in the military, this will be the best place to do it.

"No more fake profiles to deal with and no more allowing these large companies to mine your data," she said. "We've developed a trusted site that brings honesty and transparency to how people communicate. We're also adding searchable tags, curated events and a 'things to do' suggestion feature through the app."

Keegan shared that some of her early challenges have been getting people to understand the platform. In a world where scams, stolen identities, spam emails and data mining are rampant, people are naturally hesitant to share their information through a new app. Nevertheless, Keegan is extremely determined to get new users and she's utilizing every possible method at her disposal.

"Of course we're in the app store, but we're also getting the word out by doing presentations at various 1 Million Cups chapters throughout the Southeast," she said. "We've done Atlanta, Savannah, Ocala, Tampa, Orlando and have others lined up. After the Tampa presentation, I was contacted by an active duty Air Force Tech Sergeant who had an idea that would work really well with Verimour. We've been in talks and at some point, we'll likely join forces and combine our ideas. The eventual goal is to be bigger than Facebook. I know we'll get there."

What advice does Keegan have for aspiring entrepreneurs? "It's ridiculous when people say to get better at what you're not good at," she said. "I think it's important to find people that are a good yin to your yang. It's also important that you can communicate with those people. Also, don't focus on things that don't matter like Facebook followers. It's important to soul search and know who you are, become comfortable with who you are and become solid with your confidence. Lastly, it's important to know your 'why' and to pursue something you're passionate about."


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