Dee Deroma

Bunnell, Florida

The Brooklyn Bagel Factory

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Dee Deroma, founder of The Brooklyn Bagel Factory, is a foodpreneur who launched her second venture in June, 2016. "This is my comeback," she said. "I was in a car accident and spent two years in recovery. I've always wanted to open a bagel shop. One day a real estate agent friend told me there was a bakery for sale. I checked it out, made some phone calls to figure out where to get authentic ingredients and decided to go for it."

Deroma worked at a bagel shop in New York in her 20s, which is where she developed both the desire to open her own one day and her love for good bagels. "I needed a real bagel," she explained. "I was having my husband get bagels from Ft. Lauderdale. He was doing construction there and I'd have him bring them up on weekend. That's a pretty far drive for a bagel."

Because Deroma knows what separates the good bagels from the mediocre, she does not settle in her process. "We use only fresh bagel dough," she said. "Everyone else uses frozen bagels or bagels that are bought somewhere else and shipped in. We make ours from scratch every single day. There's nothing like it anywhere that I can think of."

Deroma's advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is simple. "Don't give up," she said. "Keep pushing forward no matter what anyone says."
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