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DeShaun Johnson co-founded ELinq after reflecting on his university experience and identifying unmet needs. "ELinq ensures that every student has a chance at success," Johnson explained. "It gives students tools and resources so they have the best knowledge, applications and resources to succeed in their educational endeavors."

Johnson and his team launched the venture in early 2016 and are honing the online platform as a private beta version now late in the year. "Our differentiator is that ELinq focuses on academic achievement and the collaborative interaction of students in the educational environment," he said. "We connect students in an environment that facilitates theirs discussions regarding education and their studies. We are making a consolidated environment for students, teachers and parents to share information on the same platform. ELinq pairs students together who are best situated to help each other. The platform also pairs students with community leaders and mentors who want to help. Another feature is an easy to use channel for students to reach out to teachers for assistance."

Johnson's advice to other entrepreneurs is that the entrepreneurial roller coaster is difficult, but passion for your venture eases the difficulties. "Do something you're deeply passionate about," he said. "Find something that touches you personally. For example, I could have benefited from ELinq as a student. Focus on helping the customer solve a problem. The reward of entrepreneurship isn't making millions. It's that you are building a business doing something you love and solving a problem you want to fix."
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