Diana Coronel David

Orlando, Florida

Coronel David Law Firm, P.A.
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Born and raised in Colombia, Diana Coronel David, founder of Coronel David Law Firm, P.A., began her career in her home country. After graduating from law school in 2008, Diana practiced law for several years in the private sector. During this time, she also earned a specialty in Administrative Law. Diana then accepted a position as CEO of a public corporation, where her responsibilities included controlling the operation of multiple transportation companies and commercial establishments. As Diana shared, love and an opportunity to further her career eventually brought her to the United States.

"At the peak of my career, I moved to the U.S. to marry the love of my life," she said. "In 2013, I enrolled as a law student in Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University College of Law and graduated magna cum laude in 2016. I spent the next three years as an Associate with Lowndes, Drosdick, Doster, Kantor & Reed, P.A. I was an attorney in the firm’s Real Estate Group and Estate Planning Group. In this role, I assisted with the acquisition, sale, and leasing of real estate, development, finance, estate planning, probate, and trust administration."

Diana shared that working for Lowndes was a wonderful experience; however, she was ready for a new chapter and left in September 2019. She took a few months off to spend time with her newborn and to prepare for the opening of her new firm. By February 2020, Coronel David Law Firm, P.A. was officially open for business.

Diana shared more about her business and how she differentiates herself from other similar firms. "Coronel David Law Firm provides outstanding legal assistance in the areas of real estate, estate planning, and probate, with a focus on excellent client experience and personalized solutions for individuals, families, and business owners," she said. "The firm is built on the premise that flexibility is a competitive advantage. We use our bilingual and bi-cultural strengths for the benefit of our clients. We also inform ourselves about trends, opportunities, and common mistakes to become our clients' trusted advisor. Our holistic approach and comprehensive assistance are inspired by their stories. Our law firm recognizes and values our clients’ efforts in accomplishing their goals and building their legacy and offers comprehensive strategies that anticipate what our clients need to help them protect what they value the most."

Diana shared that when it comes to growth, awareness is key. Her strategy places a heavy emphasis on education and ensuring her clients and prospective clients understand the services she provides. She wants them to learn how to be prepared in real estate, estate planning, and probate matters to save them time, effort, and money. Diana also realizes the importance of developing trust and making her clients feel as comfortable as possible.

"I recently did a webinar through the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Metro Orlando," Diana said. "The topic was centered on amendments to commercial leases as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. It was very well attended and resulted in a lot of separate phone calls from attendees. I received and reviewed documents at no charge and offered discounts for additional services. Along the way, I earned their trust. To me, that's more important and stable than just trying to get that one time fee. Those are the big decisions you get to make as an owner."

When speaking with certain people, it's clear who's passionate about their craft and who's not. Fortunately, for the Central Florida community, Diana is one of those people. She serves with joy and takes a holistic approach when advising her clients.

"I love serving this community," she said. "I keep up on political trends and economic projects and how they might impact my clients. This keeps me more engaged and allows me to provide more value to my clients. My grandfather used to say, 'Knowledge is never surplus.’ I'm a firm believer in that. Along with schedule and pricing flexibility, I'm able to offer my knowledge as a service to my clients."

Looking ahead, Diana's goal for her firm is to become the trusted advisor of individuals, families, and business owners throughout Central Florida. She'll continue to provide free webinars and seminars as a way to give back, support entrepreneurs, and to develop trust by engaging with the community.

What advice does Diana have for aspiring entrepreneurs? "It's important to remember that hurdles are meant to make you stronger," she said. "Weaknesses help you grow and keep you humble. Rest will make you more productive. Take care of your body, soul, and spirit and remember that, above all, we are first humans."


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