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Diane Brunet-García, co-founder of Brunet-García Advertising, which was named one of GrowFL's Companies To Watch for 2016, saw a need in the market and decided to fill it by launching the full service marketing firm. "We recognized an opportunity in the Jacksonville market in 2003," she said. "When we started Brunet-García Advertising, we were looking to fill the need that there weren't many multilingual, multicultural marketing firms in our area of the state."

Brunet-García Advertising is a marketing firm with a full focus on private sector, public sector and non-profit accounts with specializations in five areas of social impact, health, safety, arts and education, and environment. The firm provides everything including advertising, PR, graphic design, web design, web development, digital media, video and radio production.

"Three or four years ago, we decided to do a deep dive into the firm's positioning," Brunet-García said. "The result was that we now laser focus on those five areas of specialization so that if a customer doesn't fit the profile we don't take them on. That really does set us apart and is a significant reason we've been successful. We've done a good job of understanding what we do best and what distinguishes us from other agencies."

Brunet-García's advice for aspiring entrepreneurs is that nothing happens without a lot of hard work. "You're going to work harder than you ever imagined," she said. "You will be 100 percent devoted to your enterprise 24/7. When you work for others you can step away from work and take a break. When you're building a business, it is a 24/7 endeavor but the rewards are certainly worth it if you have the entrepreneurial spirit."
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