Dietrich George and Francis Vithayathil

Tallahassee, Florida

Studio Lite
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Learn about Florida Entrepreneur Dietrich George and Francis Vithayathil:

Dietrich George and Francis Vithayathil, Co-Founders of Studio Lite, met while both working as contractors on a project. Both worked as software developers and saw the potential they had when working together and discussing various ambitions and ideas as soon as they came up with them. Naturally, the pair became good friends, and in mid 2017 began to ponder the idea of starting their own software business.

"I've been doing contracting on the side for about 10 years," George said. "The last year and a half I went full-time. When I initially met Frankie, I was doing UX design work, which was technically outside of my usually role of programming. Francis is also a software developer. He went through a couple years of college and then entered a formal coding boot camp. I got an undergraduate degree in Information Technology from FSU. Our experience and our chance encounter, that eventually turned into a friendship and then a partnership, all pointed us towards the direction we're in now."

That direction includes an offering of all things digital. Studio Lite offers services such as website design, development and coding, along with other services such as, business cards, graphic design and photography that are more geared towards marketing and branding. "We specialize in Node Javascript development," George said. "By utilizing Node JS, we can do front-end and back-end development using one language that has tons of support and tooling. This helps to speed up the development process of web apps and also mobile applications. We also specialize in WordPress development and are interested in providing one place for a complete digital solution that enables entrepreneurs and business owners to have their digital needs and problems solved effectively."

Studio Lite operates out of Domi Station, a collaborative coworking space in Tallahassee, central to FSU and FAMU. Dietrich and Francis enjoy the location, the price point and the ability to connect with other like-minded entrepreneurs. George has high expectations for the future of his company. "I want to be one of the leading tech companies in Tallahassee," he said. "I want to be a Google type company where people are excited to go to work. We definitely plan on staying in Tallahassee. It's a great spot for government contracts and there's a thriving entrepreneurial environment that we would like to promote."

George offers up some great advice for aspiring entrepreneurs. "You can't fly if you never jump," he said. "But make sure you put on some specialized gear before you jump. Prepare and plan and then jump." George loves seeing happy and satisfied customers and Vithayathil loves to solve software development problems. The pair has certainly made the jump. It's now up to them to decide how far and how high they can fly.


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