Don Musilli

Englewood, Florida

Lite World
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Don Musilli, founder of Lite World, is a successful serial entrepreneur who developed a unique business model for Lite World that combines 3D printing manufacturing and sales with a training arm that is positioned to repopularize manufacturing.

"There ain't nothing we can't make," Musilli said. "We can take your idea and make it a reality. We are a hard tech specialist. We don’t do software, apps or social media. We're getting people back into making things. If you really want to create wealth, you have to make something. You can't sell services back and forth to each other."

Lite World is a certified reseller for the award winning line of LulzBot TAZ 3D printers and also offers the optional extruder heads used in the printers. In addition, the company is a contract designer, prototyper and manufacturer of 3D printed items. Lastly, Lite World conducts a number of 3D printing and modeling classes available to anyone.

Musilli got his start in the industrial filtration industry. "I really enjoyed the technical part of large equipment and got a very good understanding of the value of using HEPA filtration equipment," he explained. "I found a company that was making HEPA equipment, purchased it and started Pure Air Systems in 1995 out of my house. I took systems to doctors offices in a cart and started getting some HVAC contractors to buy it. I did road shows and began growing to the point we bought our own building. That is where I cut my teeth on manufacturing."

Musilli's advice to aspiring entrepreneurs revolves around persistence and passion. "It's not important how you get there, but that you get there," he said. "The reality is that persistence is critical. It’s not important what you think of your product. It's what your customers think of it. You need a good business plan, of which, the two most critical parts are the pro forma which tells you if you'll make money and market evaluation which tells you if there really is a market for it. I love what I do and passion is critical because it will overcome all obstacles."


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