Don Williams

Daytona Beach, Florida

Moisture Intrusion Solutions, Inc.
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Unless you're family or a friend or you're in the 'Waterproof Consulting' or 'Envelope Construction' industry, you've probably never heard of Don Williams, Owner of Moisture Intrusion Solutions. Located in an unassuming warehouse type building in the industrial part of Daytona Beach, Williams and his staff of nearly 50 employees are building an empire by providing services most of us know nothing about. Williams, a very humble yet confident and determined owner, has built a foundation of success on hard work and deep industry knowledge.

"I have a degree in engineering design and graphics, but I've always loved business," Williams said. "During my college years and after graduation, I worked for an ambulance company and eventually moved up to Director of Operations. After helping to grow that business, I moved to Naples, Florida, and started working with a General Contractor. Unfortunately things didn't work out. After about a year in Naples, I accepted a position with a national waterproof consulting and envelope construction firm and moved to Biloxi, Mississippi." Once there, he and his soon to be wife worked 12 hour days and 7 days a week for 6 months straight. Believing in his hard work ethic and leadership abilities, Williams' boss asked him to lead expansion into the Florida market by opening and running an office in Daytona Beach.

Over the next eight years, Williams put in long hours and worked his way up to Regional Director in charge of numerous projects and personnel. Together with his team, Williams grew the service area from three counties to thirteen states.

After learning the industry and proving his ability to manage, lead and successfully grow the business, Williams decided in March of 2013 that the time was right to start his own company. Moisture Intrusion Solutions (MIS), provides its customers with architectural services, building envelope consulting, glass & glazing consulting, construction phase services, forensic investigation, onsite water testing, infrared imaging, due diligence, paint millage testing and expert witnessing.

"We're unique in several ways," Williams said. We hire exceptional people and treat them exceptionally. We spend a lot of time on hiring and recruitment to make sure we get the right person. We also have several field offices through the United States." Williams' approach to business is all about hard work and assembling the right team. In 2015, MIS did even more to set themselves apart from the competition. "We purchased a company called Certified Testing Laboratories based out of Orlando. This gave us the ability to test products in house. As a result, we're now one of only two building envelope companies that are AAMA accredited.” The following year, 2016, Williams went back and acquired the firm he previously worked for.

Williams' advice to aspiring entrepreneurs? "There's no substitute for hard work," he said. One of his favorite quotes is, "Opportunity is missed by most people because it’s dressed in overalls and looks like work." According to Williams, there are no secrets to success. It's about rising to the challenge, getting up after failure, stepping out of your comfort zone and doing things most people aren't willing to do. Williams is also a big proponent of Dave Ramsey and his life changing book on wealth management, The Total Money Makeover.


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