Donald and Janice Jones

St. Augustine, Florida

CycleHere Media
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Learn about Florida Entrepreneur Donald and Janice Jones:

After a combined 30 years in broadcast news, Donald and Janice Jones started CycleHere Media to help others engage their audience and strengthen their brand through thoughtful, artistic and impactful stories. The St. Augustine based company is a full service video marketing and production firm in the growing video marketing space. CycleHere Media uses design thinking and a journalism background to create stories that are impactful and move people to act. Their industry recognition includes Telly Award honors and Emmy nominations.

Donald and Janice Jones are a husband and wife team who have grown their business in each of the four years since they launched it in June 2012. They credit their success, in part, to the high quality work they deliver as a result of their personal attention to their clients. "Also, we're fun to work with," Janice Jones said. "And that has generated a lot of business from word of mouth referrals."

In fact, they say one of their next steps is to seek help with growth management to address their continued success. They will investigate resource agencies to connect them with the help they need to grow their two person firm into a larger organization. When asked what comments they have for other aspiring entrepreneurs, they urged aspiring entrepreneurs to "put on the blindfold and take that first step." For them, the first step was motivated by the desire for a positive change in their daily work environment and for more family time. They wanted to move from talking about so much of the negative stories that broadcast news outlets focus on to telling the positive stories that exist but may be under-promoted.

They were quick to state their entrepreneurial success story was the result of much more than simply overcoming their apprehensions to take that first leap of faith. "When you take that first step, you have to commit with all you've got and follow up with long, hard work," Jones said.


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