Dwight Brooker

Chiefland, Florida

Paradox Intellectual Properties Inc.
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Learn about Florida Entrepreneur Dwight Brooker:

Dwight Brooker is not only a subject matter expert who knows the difference between a detonation and a deflagration, but also he is a successful serial entrepreneur whose company, Paradox Intellectual Properties Inc., designs, patents, manufactures and sells detonation and a deflagration arresters to the marine, trucking, oil and gas, pharmaceutical and petrochemical industries.

"Paradox Intellectual Properties Inc. is in the vapor control safety systems industry," Brooker said. "Our arresters quench fires, extinguishing a propagating flame front in an enclosed piping system containing a combustible gas mixture. An explosion is what happens if an arrester doesn't arrest a deflagration or detonation – the difference being that a detonation is flame moving at supersonic velocities of 5,000 mph or more."

Paradox Intellectual Properties Inc. is Brooker's third venture in the deflagration and detonation arrester industry. Over that time, he has been responsible for developing the intellectual property for six patents. "Two of our competitors are using our technology as they don’t have technical expertise that we do," Brooker said. "We’re striving to utilize American made raw materials, craftsmanship, and components. It's difficult to compete because of the many cheap Chinese castings used by others, but this is our niche. Some companies are strict about using only the best American made products and always buy American but many don't."

As of 2016, Paradox Intellectual Properties Inc. Is on the lookout for skilled employees, which is also the focus of Brooker's advice for aspiring entrepreneurs. "Make sure you have good access to the talented employees you need to grow," he said. "There's no lack of jobs in this country. There is only a lack of people who can do the jobs."


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