Ed Ellsasser

Tampa, Florida

PrimeGroup Insurance
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Ed Ellsasser, founder of PrimeGroup Insurance, which was recognized by GrowFL as a Florida Company to Watch for 2016, knew he wanted to run his own business after finding fulfillment in the leadership activities he engaged in as a student. "It goes back to athletics and my fraternity in college," Ellsasser said. "I always wanted to be a leader and to help other people develop. I've got several employees who have been with us well over 10 years now and we've built a strong, dedicated team committed to our clients and to continued growth."

Ellsasser has built PrimeGroup Insurance around three core pillars: clients, employees and giving back to the community. "We're focused on doing great things in the communities where we do business," he said. "We're on boards of charitable organizations, and we volunteer as a team several times during the year in those communities. We're focused on personal service to our clients. We treat every client the same no matter what their size is and take care of their issues as they come up so they don't become problems. That is how we've been able to get strong referral business."

Being recognized as a GrowFL Company To Watch in 2016 means a lot to Ellsasser and his team. "We're all excited," he said. "It shows the hard work has paid off. We've been in growth mode expanding into new offices and we've made acquisitions to supplement that growth so we're honored to be recognized and want to continue to grow and expand."

Ellsasser's advice for aspiring entrepreneurs is based on something he has found beneficial in his own business. "Find a great mentor," he said. "I've always tried to meet and spend time with other entrepreneurs who have been there before me who I can bounce ideas off and learn from their journey."


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