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Elliot Baruch founded A New Age because, as a nursing home owner, he saw the model's weaknesses and wanted to provide a nursing home alternative to allow people to remain in the comfort of their own home while they age.

"About 30 years ago, I realized most people in nursing homes think of it as an elephants' graveyard where they go to die. I started to wonder why there isn't a service that takes care of people at home," Baruch explained. "As a nursing home director and owner, I thought nursing homes were too institutionalized. The patients/residents had to follow too many rules. I started to think that nursing homes were not where I want to be when I age. I began leveraging my nursing home staff to provide an aging in place service. Now that I've sold the home, I am starting that model all over again by contracting with third party vendors until I can grow my staff."

A New Age represents a new business model in geriatric health care. Currently, home health agencies provide care at home only for specific and finite periods of time while nursing homes and assisted living facilities provide long term care but not at home. A New Age is priced similarly to private pay facilities with the benefit of remaining at home "I have red, white and blue packages," Baruch said. "Red is for those with nursing home needs, white is for those with assisted living needs, and blue is for lesser needs. I evaluate each client to determine their needs and coordinate all aspects of that care so the family does not have to shoulder that burden."

Baruch is passionate about aging in place because he is intimately familiar with the other more unattractive options. "Your freedoms are taken away in nursing homes and assisted living facilities. Your meals are set for you; your showers are set for you; you share a room with another resident and you lose many of the personal items that you cherished that surrounded you in your own home," he explained. "My friends don't want to go to nursing homes. They want to sleep in their own bed and have their own things. I believe that when someone is sick, they should be allowed to choose the type of healthcare they need living in their own homes surrounded by family and friends."


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