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Sarasota, Florida

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Erica Bowles, founder of CopyStrong, uncovered the unmet need for CopyStrong's services as a technology consultant who saw the same problem repeatedly.

"My background for 10 years was as a consultant for small to large corporations," she said. "I assisted with web development, applications, analytics, and business development. Leading teams of designers and developers, I saw a similar pattern in the issues that many businesses face and decided to build a solution."

CopyStrong protects intellectual property, including images, content and code. It manipulates commands and tracks stolen content.

"Take a valuable blog for example," Bowles explained. "If someone copies your content and pastes it, they will be surprised to see an advertisement or whatever the website owner configures. Essentially, website owners can advertise when content is stolen or removed. We also offer free legal assistance to prosecute those who steal your intellectual property."

CopyStrong offers another product, called Code Indigo, to combat insider threats. "Take hospital records for example," Bowles said. “When insider threat occurs in hospitals - an employee, steals or removes patient information for malicious reasons, Code Indigo launches a deceptive counter intelligence feature that tracks and identifies the threat and the nature surrounding the event."

Bowles' advice for aspiring entrepreneurs is to embrace rejection and surround yourself with talent.

"It's hard," she said. "It takes dedication. It takes a lot of learning and being open to other people's advice. It takes a strong backbone - everyone told me I couldn’t do what I am doing today. You hear a lot of nos. I tell myself if I don’t get 30 rejections today, I failed. You have to be able to trust your team. You have to be ready for rejection and not let that influence your passion and vision. It's so rewarding because you learn so much about yourself."


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