Ernie Sturges

Port Charlotte, Florida

Goldman, Tiseo & Sturges, P.A.

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Learn about Florida Entrepreneur Ernie Sturges:

Ernie Sturges, co-founder of Goldman, Tiseo & Sturges, P.A., is an experienced and highly-rated attorney who, along with his partners, is committed to the community in which he was raised.

"Out of law school, I was a prosecutor in the 20th Judicial Circuit in Glades County for two and a half years before I joined a local firm there and practiced eight years," he said. "Then I and my partners founded the firm. We've all known each other since we were kids. The familiarity with one another helped and we're all the same age and position in our lives in terms of raising families in Charlotte County. Our practices fit together well and is seemed like the right to time for us all to explore other opportunities."

The GTS Law Firm concentrates its practice in the areas of real estate, business corporations, community associations, general civil litigation, personal injury, wrongful death and criminal defense.

"We're local, homegrown attorneys," Sturges explained. "We all went to grade school here, left for college and law school and came back. We pride ourselves on being local and invested in the community. Our families are here; our extended families are here and we'll be here in Charlotte for a long, long time. We pride ourselves on providing quality legal services at a fair price."

Sturges' advice for aspiring entrepreneurs is fourfold.

"First, have a business plan," he said. "Know where you are and where you want to be in one, three and five years. Then outline a plan as to how you'll get there. Second, make sure you're properly capitalized. So many businesses fail because they lack the proper capital when they start. Third, don't be afraid to ask for help. There are lots of resources out there. Take advantage of them. Lastly, know your market. Understanding where to direct your marketing is the best way to maximize your dollars toward achieving your target market."


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