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Learn about Florida Entrepreneur Gavin Heale:

Gavin Heale, co-founder of Kugadi, is a long-time technologist who started programming computers when he was 12 and joined his first startup while finishing college.

"My mother was a computer programmer and gave me a small computer, but instead of playing games, I learned how to program it," he said. "I went on to study computer science, but I was always interested in the business aspect. I started in entrepreneurship when a professor asked me if I wanted to start a company. So I started straight away without ever applying for a job. Ultimately our company was acquired by a much larger startup in Silicon Valley. I've tried working in big businesses and consulting and at the end of the day I've always come back to wanting to make a difference and solve real world problems."

Kugadi is a mobile technology solution that empowers security companies and security guards to do their best work.

"Our vision started from seeing there's a megatrend starting of mobile device use for businesses," he explained. "We asked what businesses don’t use them heavily right now, and we identified security guards, cleaners and gardeners and we found our niche in the guard industry. Our business is about empowering guards to give them a tool to do their job better while making businesses more profitable because they can prove they're doing the job they say they're doing."

Heale's advice for aspiring entrepreneurs is that it is all about execution: achieve it or receive it. "Anyone can have an idea. It's all about execution," he said. "Figure out a way you can execute and persevere. I've seen more projects fail from lack of focus than anything else."
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