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Lift 6 Data & Analytics LLC
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Learn about Florida Entrepreneur Geoff Gale:

Geoff Gale, Owner of Lift 6 Data & Analytics LLC, is in the business of helping business owners make the most of their data. Geoff explained, " We organize and clean people's data so they can report on it and make business decisions. Customer tracking systems, Google analytics, finance systems and CRMs all have different data sets on different systems and platforms. We combine these data sets to uncover the total customer experience from on-boarding through invoicing," he said. This data, combined into one coherent set, can be an extremely useful tool for businesses looking to truly understand their customer's behavior.

Before Geoff started Lift 6 Data & Analytics LLC in 2016, he spent 15 years in a director level position for Pinellas County Schools and a law firm overseeing business applications and business intelligence. He worked with a team and provided extremely valuable solutions that allowed the school system and the law firm to make sense of their data. He eventually decided to take the knowledge and experience he accumulated and started his own business providing similar solutions. His former employer actually became his first client. "They were very supportive of the whole thing," he added.

Lift 6 offers solutions for companies, teams and industries such as, insurance, education, retail, law, hospitality and technology. Whether you're looking to track usage, monitor inventory, identify average cost per claim, monitor financial performance, identify at risk students or make better decisions faster, Lift 6 has a solution tailored specifically for your industry and the size of your operation. They even work with businesses to help them improve or create their databases and also help them to identify their business intelligence strategy. Packages are bundled based on the size of your organization and the amount of data to be analyzed. "Most of our clients are small to medium size businesses that quickly outgrow their data. They have disparate systems and they don't know how to get all of their data under one roof," Geoff said.

Geoff has some great advice for aspiring entrepreneurs. "Plan as best you can and just go for it. I wish I would have taken action sooner and not waited for the perfect time. It's also very helpful to have a supportive spouse," he said. Geoff also believes in the power of networking and referrals. He is very optimistic about the future of Lift 6 and looks forward to growing the company and remaining in Tampa.


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