Grant Nieddu

Lakeland, Florida

Spark Sites
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At 21, Grant Nieddu, founder of Spark Sites, empowered himself to overcome his old handicap mindset that came from people telling him his ADHD was a disorder. Since breaking out of that mindset that was holding him back, Nieddu now harnesses his great energy to empower entrepreneurs through his web presence firm.

"I had this handicap mindset that said I'm broken and there's nothing I can do about how bored I get in a standard job," he said. "Napoleon Hill's book Think and Grow Rich showed me my destiny was in my own hands. I started researching ADHD and learned there are alternate terms for it like ideaphoria. My newly empowered mindset started me on the path to launch 30 different startups, two of which made money but all of which taught me about the startup mind, the entrepreneur mind and more importantly how to channel my ideaphoric mind into real world solutions for clients."

Spark Sites provides web support for small and medium sized companies. "We are web presence experts," Nieddu explained.

"If that includes building a site, we do, but we focus on WordPress and web support. Our differentiator is that we demystify the web for clients. Most agencies have an agency-based approach which means they keep you in the dark about the "mysteries" of the web. We empower you to know the latest and greatest on SEO. We train you how to use your website and we solve the problem of organizations that understand the value of a strong web presence but don't have the revenue for a dedicated digital marketer. We're not a web design company, not a media marketing agency. We are there to support you while you focus on your craft."

Nieddu's advice for aspiring entrepreneurs comes from the deep experience he has doing it himself and launching 30 startups. "Number one hands down is grow what you know if you're looking to build success and wealth because you're already close to your 10,000 hours," he said.

"Number two is read, read, read and I don't mean skim the web feeds. Three is meditate and visualize especially when you think you don't have the time. It’s a form of imagination, which we use for fear or fantasy but rarely like you did on the ball field in high school when you imagined possible scenarios and played them out in your head to prepare to react. Four is give, give, give. The fruit of that is if you have a giving heart, you'll be in the habit of identifying what others value. There's a skill of identifying what it is someone needs or wants. Five, be a doer. So many people spend time at coffee shops and their full time job is telling people they're an entrepreneur. They don't spend time doing the hard, grinding grunt work that is not sexy enough to appear in Inc. Magazine."


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