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Harry Beisswenger, CEO of NetDirector, which was recently named one of GrowFL's Companies To Watch for 2016, heads a company that offered cloud based solutions before it was called cloud. NetDirector provides a data exchange service that improves the efficiency of both mortgage default servicing and healthcare processes.

"The challenge we saw was that mortgage default attorneys had to deal with a large number of third party systems primarily with mortgage loan servicers," Beisswenger said. "They had to manually double or triple key data into their system or build their own direct interfaces. Our solution is a cloud-based, zero-footprint service that manages all our clients' data interfaces with their customers, partners, suppliers and vendors within their ecosystem."

The cloud is NetDirector's key differentiator as most systems are either on-premise integration engines or custom built for the end user. With NetDirector's solution, users connect once and benefit from a one-to-many integration mechanism.

Beisswenger's advice for aspiring entrepreneurs centers on people and processes. "Create sustainable, repeatable core processes. Build a team around key core values such as innovation and collaboration then create a culture that adheres to those core values," he said. "A team that is focused on core values provides excellent customer service that maintains high client retention in addition to strong new client sales in part because of the client testimonials they garner."
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