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Learn about Florida Entrepreneur Hugh Campbell:

Hugh Campbell, co-founder of AC4S Technologies, is a serial entrepreneur who prides himself on being agile enough to identify and address changing market conditions. Campbell spun out AC4S Technologies from its sister company AC4S in 2013. While AC4S provides multiple technology based services to U.S. Federal Government clients, AC4S Technologies leverages its tech experience to provide hybrid cloud solutions to the private sector.

"AC4S Technologies helps companies migrate to the cloud," Campbell said. "We fulfill four major functions. We help to manage IT networks; we help upgrade those networks with software and hardware; we help with cybersecurity issues; and lastly, we help with the actual migration of data to the cloud network."

Campbell has launched five companies and sold two at this point in 2017. His first was a VC-backed internet company started during the dot com boom. The attacks of September 11 were the catalyst to start AC4S and the CIA was the inspiration to launch AC4S Technologies.

"The CIA awarded a 10 year, $600 million contract to put their information into the cloud," Campbell explained. "For us, that became a watershed event because after that, there is no company that can refuse to use cloud-based services because they are concerned about security. If the CIA can do it, any company can do it."

Campbell's advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is to read Jim Collins' book Good to Great and get the right people on the bus at the right times. "The most important thing is having the right team of people," he said. "The success my businesses have enjoyed is really driven by getting the right team of people. The people that you have with you that start the company are not necessarily the people you'll need as you grow the business. Wildly different skill sets are required for startups versus $10 million, $50 million and $100 million companies and you need to recognize those skill sets will change and you'll have to manage the change in people."


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