Isabella Johnston

Winter Park, Florida

Pivot Business Consulting
Intern Pursuit
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Learn about Florida Entrepreneur Isabella Johnston:

Isabella Johnston, founder of Pivot Business Consulting, entered the world of entrepreneurship via the unlikely path of English teacher.

"My evolution into entrepreneurship was subtle and snuck up on me," she said. "I came to realize that in education you get to run your classroom the way you like to within the framework of the syllabus and you get a lot of liberty to innovate. A workshop I attended inspired me to bring economics into the classroom, which was a game changer for me because I taught English. I found a way to do that by creating play money and creating a virtual economy in my class. That led to me earning my MBA and launching a consulting business on the side as I taught entrepreneurship as an adjunct professor in higher education. I wrote business plans and implemented systems and processes into my client's businesses."

Johnston's consulting grew into Pivot Business Consulting, which has blossomed to include subsidiaries such as Intern Pursuit software, Intern Pursuit game, and Cat 5 Studios.

"Intern Pursuit matches students with employers by using a proprietary algorithm to analyze soft skills and provides a two-level assessment so employers have better match. There is also a compliance documentation program for employers to protect the employer and student. This will help employers have a best practice internship program. Johnston shared there is a game component also and it is part of the marketing mix to draw more students and employers to the software website. The game (Intern Pursuit) allows the player to select a male or female intern and battle aliens through the universe old school Sci-Fi style.

"Cat 5 Studios provides digital content for social media distribution, including training videos, animated videos, graphics via inbound marketing content distribution using HubSpot training methods." she explained.

Johnston's advice for aspiring entrepreneurs is about work ethic and she recommends reading constantly to stay on top of trends. One of her favorite reads includes e-Myth, Good to Great, and Servant Leadership books and articles.

"Make sure you have outstanding advisors and coaches," she said. "You also must have unwavering tenacity and grit to get to where you want to go. Remember everything is temporary and don't pay attention to distractions."


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