Jack White

Daytona Beach, Florida

Jack White Land Co.
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Jack White wants to bring people back downtown. To do that, he builds cool spaces in historic places. Through his two firms, Jack White Land Co., and White Challis Redevelopment, White both restores and redesigns downtown spaces to attract entrepreneurs and redevelops mixed-use buildings in historic downtowns by forming public-private partnerships. "We're very selective in the projects we undertake," he said. "we're a boutique firm focusing on quality rather than quantity."

For White, entrepreneurship is in his blood. "My family for the past couple generations has been entrepreneurs," he said. "My parents were in development and I wanted to get involved, but I wanted to add my own unique twist to it." White's parents built custom neighborhoods and even before that, White's grandfather a Grandfather built hotels, and motels. White's twist is the urban redevelopment infill focus that he was drawn to after reading the book Suburban Nation.

"That book is what got me thinking about urban entrepreneurship," White said. "It helped me form my business strategy." White's advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is that you can't be afraid to fail and you have to simply get started no matter how small the step. "Getting started even in small bits is the most important thing you can do," he said. "You can't spend all your time planning and strategizing. Spend good time doing that, but there's nothing better than executing, getting things done and adjusting along the way."
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