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Born in Madrid, Spain, Jannet Busto, Owner of Jannet Busto Marketing Group, moved with her family to Miami when she was still a toddler. A few years later, she relocated to Titusville where her father launched his own medical practice. After graduating from The University of Central Florida, she spent over 25 years in marketing before finding herself without a job because of Covid - 19. Busto shared the story behind her journey into entrepreneurship and how a seemingly unfortunate event was the push she needed.

“After UCF, I spent five years marketing for Church Street Station before I went to SeaWorld Orlando,” Busto said. “I spent five years with SeaWorld creating and managing an event portfolio as well as their event marketing and then two years with Florida Hospital in media buying and promotions and working on their Hispanic marketing plan. I missed the passion I had for the entertainment / hospitality industry, so I ended up going into the Broadway industry. I spent seven years working within the Broadway industry where I did marketing for touring Broadway shows like Wicked and Lion King. It was a fun and exciting position.”

Busto continued, “From there, I went to Visit Orlando and then Universal Orlando where I spent five years and reached Director of Marketing for their Integrated Marketing team, and focused on their Florida market, events, Hispanic Marketing and CityWalk products. After Universal, I was hired by Baha Mar – a resort complex in Nassau to put together an events strategy for them. Eventually the travel back and forth was too much and I took a position as an Account Director with a marketing agency based in Las Vegas. They needed someone in Orlando with experience working with SeaWorld. When that contract position was eliminated and I couldn’t find a job because of Covid– I knew it was time to do what I wanted to do for years. I always had the desire to go off on my own, but the fear was strong. Covid was the nudge that made it possible for me to finally do it.”

In May 2020, Busto launched Jannet Busto Marketing Group. According to Busto, the company was born from understanding complex organizations and the need to fill resource opportunity gaps that sometimes are not part of a team’s existing structure or are downsized due to budgetary reasons. From one-off campaigns requiring leadership/coordination to niche areas that must be elevated to the development of campaign strategies, her team serves as an extension of your team’s resources.

“With our vast network of seasoned marketing professionals, the goal of Jannet Busto Marketing Group is to be that valuable piece to your organization and fill the resource needs in specialized areas, traditional marketing disciplines and campaigns,” Busto said. “With expertise and knowledge behind the power of Hispanic marketing, experience in pulling together successfully integrated marketing campaign models, brand development and event marketing/planning, we can be the extra resource for that project that your team is not able to prioritize or focus on.”

Busto added, “Jannet Busto Marketing Group can not only help elevate a mainstream company's Hispanic marketing plans, but can also help Hispanic businesses successfully move into the mainstream market. We can also introduce the Integrated Marketing Communications model into your current team structure. From implementing to consulting on process, we can be the liaison point between all channels in order to maintain brand consistency, message consistency between all channels and ensure targeted results.”

Working through a handful of new business challenges – including a highly competitive environment with fewer jobs and businesses looking to save money – Busto is confident in her abilities to implement tools that produce real results.

“I’ve helped build Integrated Marketing Communications models for businesses,” she said. “Instead of having channels working in isolation, a marketing specialist is the hub and they’re pulling together the channels to create a holistic marketing plan. The Integrated Marketing Communications model uses message consistency, brand consistency and leverages dollars for a stronger ROI. The marketing world is so fragmented that you need to tailor your messaging. It’s the model that many companies are moving towards and it works well.”

From creating and maintaining strong business relationships and partnerships to helping companies with their resource gaps and challenge areas, Busto has found a tremendous amount of joy in her new role. Looking ahead, her future goals include building her portfolio of long-term business clients – ideally in hospitality and the theme park industry – and helping Hispanic Firms trying to cross over as “mainstream” firms.

What advice does Busto have for aspiring entrepreneurs? “Start building your client base before you launch your new business,” she said. “Also, understand your business taxes and ensure you’re pricing yourself correctly. I had a mentor tell me that it's important to not undervalue your experience.”


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