Jasmine Win

Orlando, Florida

Activate Qigong Healing

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"We are all born healers," Jasmine Win, Owner of Activate Qigong Healing, said. "We just have to be ready to accept how powerful we truly are. The universe is very powerful. I believe that each of us has a gift and it might take time to find out what that is. When you find the purpose of your life, you will be extremely grateful that you can share your love and passion with the world."

Long before Jasmine moved to the United States, she started practicing holistic healing and some of Qigong (pronounced 'chi gong') modalities, a natural way to increase and balance the body energy through powerful exercises, meditation and flow movements, in her home country of Vietnam. Having personally experienced profound healing and benefits in all aspects of her life, Jasmine was determined to help others looking to transform anxiety, stress, and disease into self-confidence, inner peace, and optimal health.

"Throughout my life as a mom, an entrepreneur, and even after graduating from Rollins College, I've always asked myself what my true purpose is," she said. "I kept asking this question and finally the universe responded. I'm here to help people in all aspects of their lives through Qigong."

Jasmine's family background spans both Eastern and Western medicine, with Western doctors on her father's side and Eastern doctors on her mother's side. She has always admired both forms of medicine, and her approach to prevention, healing, increasing vitality and longevity is holistic.

"As a young child, I would help my grandma grow and collect herbs, flowers, leaves, and roots to make medicines to supply her village in Vietnam," Jasmine said. "Making herbal medicine and helping/watching her heal others with the touch of her hands are my favorite memories of childhood."

Armed with a desire to help others, the ability to heal and a love and appreciation for the gift of life, Jasmine launched Activate Qigong Healing in February 2019. As a practitioner, healer, & certified instructor, she was now in a position to officially dedicate herself full-time to help those in need.

"Qi (Chi) is the energy, air, breath or life force that flows through everything in the universe," Jasmine said. "Gong means practice, skill, refine, use, cultivate & transfer. The practice of Qigong is to balance & direct our Qi to promote healing in all aspects of life. We practice & teach Qigong healing including the 4 dimensions of Medical Qigong. The exercises are elegantly simple and easy for any ages and any physical capacity, yet very powerful. Students can practice while lying down, sitting or standing. Very quickly, students can tap into their own healing resource and engage the healer within them to empower themselves. I developed the phrase 'Qigong It Out' to motivate myself and others to work through any types of challenges they encounter."

Jasmine continued, "With simple yet potent Qigong, you can decrease your stress and become a healing presence for others. Learn to apply Medical Qigong practices to create radiant health and longevity as you mobilize your inner healing resource: your body’s own medicine, this shifts you into being the DESIGNER of your life — Its empowering & uplifting."

Jasmine currently teaches classes and workshops at Elevate Yoga Center and at different library branches around Central Florida. She also offers private groups, one-on-one classes and healing sessions on requests at a physical location as well as via online. As the only dedicated full-time Qigong business in Central Florida with a full-time assistant staff member, Activate Qigong Healing is impacting people of all ages, sizes and physical ability.

"Last Saturday, I taught at a library and a daughter brought in her mom," Jasmine said. "Before the session started, the mom had trouble standing and couldn't raise her left arm. After about 20 minutes, her left arm starting raising up. She had the biggest smile and look of joy on her face. This is just one of many examples that Qigong practice is simple, fun, provides immediate results and definitely has long term health benefits if one can dedicate from two minute to 45 minutes per day. What I do for my clients is real and it's proven. I can heal knees, elbows and shoulders instantly using Qigong wisdom energy. My websites features lots of testimonials from satisfied clients."

Jasmine continued, "Qigong can heal any ailments and kick out stubborn diseases. Qigong is for anyone because it focuses on healing, increasing vitality and longevity. With Qigong, as we age, we don't have to start breaking down. We're able to thrive, have more vitality and become more curious and passionate about life. You can shift your energy, lift yourself out of stress and lift yourself out of pain. It's about your dedication to activating your own ‘inner elixir’ to deepen into radical and unexpected inner healing — in the moment, anytime, and anywhere."

Looking ahead, Jasmine, who is so grateful to have found her gift and her calling in life, is focused on introducing the benefits of Qigong to as many people as possible. She wants people to understand the difference between fitness and wellness and how Qigong can transform their lives. She also wants to open a holistic healing and wellness center where people in the community can come and receive several ways of holistic healing such as Qigong, Energy Healing, Acupuncture, Ayurveda, Reiki, Hypnosis, Chakra, Sound, Cryotherapy, and many more. Other ways of reaching more people will include workshops and membership-based online videos. Lastly, her ultimate goal is to take her Qigong teachings to a global level. She plans to accomplish this objective by catering her Qigong services to wellness retreats around the globe and scheduling live online sessions to allow people from all over the world to experience the joy, beauty and healing benefits of Qigong.


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