Jay Keenan

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Global Ocean Security Technologies (GOST)
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Learn about Florida Entrepreneur Jay Keenan:

Jay Keenan, President/CEO of Global Ocean Security Technologies (GOST), has been identifying and filling market needs since middle school when he sold candy to classmates in his rural community who didn't have a store near them. After an early sales career and MBA, Keenan joined GOST in its very early days.

"When I came to Florida, I met the GOST founder, who had just moved the company out of his garage," Keenan said. "I came in as an inside sales rep with no pay, a desk, a phone and an internet connection without a computer to connect to it. It was a 100 percent commission based structure. I saw the market need so within the first six months, I bought out one of the partners with my savings, and over time have bought out all of them except the CTO."

GOST specializes in security, monitoring, tracking, surveillance, acoustic deterrent, and cloaking systems for all types of maritime vessels.

"Our differentiator is the quality of the product and the support behind it. We're definitely known as offering the best of the best of what's available," Keenan explained. "Our tech support for dealers and end users is unmatched. We have more tech support staff than any other position in the company. Our customers can always call and speak to a live person to get their issues resolved the first time they call."

Keenan's advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is about persistence and goals. "Number one is that persistence and determination are everything," he said. "It's just a matter of keeping focus on your goals and not giving up. Work harder than everyone else is willing to work. Its important that you believe in why you're doing it because if you just start a business to start a business and you're not passionate, then you won't enjoy the process which is important."


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