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JD Arbuckle, founder of Conquer Today (CNQR), is a serial entrepreneur and millennial who is passionate about helping young college-age individuals develop mental health and life skills. "We're here to help you upgrade your mind, body and life," he said. "You can do that by creating a Conquer account, reading intel, completing missions, and using our premium equipment like templates and books. At the same time you're leveling up in real life, you're leveling up your Conquer account."

CNQR is in the digital mental health space, but differentiates itself in terms of both scope and price. "We are different in that this is a customized and broader journey," Arbuckle explained. "Many digital services are only classic cognitive behavioral therapy, whereas we run the whole gamut of mind, body and life because they are all very important to mental health. We're definitely the low cost alternative for college kids who can't afford classical therapy or an online therapist."

Arbuckle was inspired to launch CNQR by what he saw of the work life while still in college. "Almost everyone at Florida Southern goes to work at Geico and leaves in a year because they're miserable," he said. "I worked a summer job in New York at a traditional newspaper job with a suit and tie and 15 minute breaks. I was miserable and couldn't do my best work because my boss was self conscious. I was almost forced into entrepreneurship."

Arbuckle's advice for aspiring entrepreneurs is to get connected and give back. "Give back immediately," he said. "Give away three free projects and make them amazing. But, only do three for free and then start to charge for your services. Get plugged in. Go to the cheesy networking meetings even though they're brutal. Even better, get on the team organizing those events. Don't go the same route every other person does."


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