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Jeff Badovick is a successful serial entrepreneur who has built multi-million-dollar businesses and raised more than $25 million in capital. Now, he is coupling his passion for the action and reward of business with his extensive skills and experience to coach other entrepreneurs.

"I began in my family's fast-growing manufacturing business during my teens. That formative experience developed the entrepreneurial drive that has motivated my successful career," he said. "I decided to make the transition to growing my own businesses full-time in my 30s. Since then, I've started, grown and exited a handful of businesses in the product, service and intellectual property sectors. I also accomplished successful mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures. I love the freedom, independence, challenge and reward of the entire entrepreneur experience."

Badovick coaches entrepreneurs with businesses in the $500,000 - $25 million revenue range. He helps his clients build and grow sustainable businesses using three pillars of success.

"One is comprehensive planning," he explained. "You've got to define your journey to reach your business destination. Two is I help businesses raise capital – one of the most complex, challenging and time-consuming aspects of growing a business. Three is business execution to drive performance and create exponential results."

Badovick's advice for aspiring entrepreneurs is to pursue your vision and passion with a planned and purposeful approach.

"Research key issues such as the market landscape, capital needs and trending factors," he said. "The data can help you make confident business decisions. And utmost, don't run out of money."
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