Jim Nolan

Punta Gorda, Florida

Nolan Family Insurance Agency
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Jim Nolan, co-founder of Nolan Family Insurance Agency is passionate about doing what's best for the customer and giving back to his community.

"My father was the first Allstate agent in Charlotte County in the '70s and he always told me there are a lot of insurance salesmen, but that we are not salesmen, we are agents and there's a big difference," Nolan explained. "If you always do what is in the customers' best interest, things always seem to work out well for you."

Nolan Family Insurance Agency specializes in personal lines of insurance, including property and casualty. "We focus on making sure we recognize our customers' needs and protect the things that are valuable to them, their home, assets and properties," Nolan said. "We've been able to find and hire good people who've been long term employees who share our vision and commitment to customer service and always doing what's right for our customers."

Nolan Family Insurance Agency is the Nolan family's second foray into the insurance industry. "I started in the insurance business in 1993 as an adjuster for three years before joining my father's Allstate agency," Nolan said. "He sold it three months before Hurricane Charlie hit Punta Gorda. Sometimes it's better to be lucky than smart. We were out of the insurance business for two years when an opportunity arose to buy a local agency started in 1952. I pulled my father out of retirement, scraped together every penny I could find and bought it. At the time, they had been struggling a bit we had to go in and make changes and clean the place up. The first two or three years I was wondering whether I made biggest mistake of my life or not."

Nolan's advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is do what interests you and do not let challenges discourage you. "Find something you like and have an interest in because if you're just getting into it for money, you won't be successful," he said. "You really must have your heart and soul into it. you’ve got to get up in morning and like going to work. Then don't be discouraged when things don't go as planned because they never do. The first couple years we were trying to get this agency up and running there were many nights I didn't want to go home because I didn't want my wife to ask me how things were going. I didn’t want to lie to her and didn’t want to tell her the truth."


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