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BranamJames Construction
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Jimmy Branam, founder of BranamJames Construction, is a general contractor who believes that if something is worth doing, it's worth doing right.

"It all starts with informing the client so they know what to expect and aren't surprised by anything," he said. "We walk them through all the steps in the process and point out things they might not have foreseen like when they're remodeling, their house is going to get pretty dusty and they will experience other types of inconveniences. Construction is tough on a house. I tell them up front that you love me now, you'll hate me during the project and you'll love me again at the end."

BranamJames is a single-source construction firm experienced in diverse fields from commercial construction to home remodels. The firm also is a top-rated, preferred provider for the nation's largest managed repair companies, meaning it is called upon to mitigate and repair water, fire and other damage.

"It's tough to be selected as a preferred provider," Branam explained. "You have to complete a thorough vetting process, including a site visit. We're proud to have earned that status with the best programs."

Branam's advice for aspiring entrepreneurs is as sage as it is simple.

"Make sure you have a plan," he said. "And make sure you have the capital to execute that plan."
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