Jodee Soltes

Palm Coast, Florida

Daily Intake Plus

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Learn about Florida Entrepreneur Jodee Soltes:

Jodee Soltes, Founder of Daily Intake Plus, is on a mission to get you healthy. She's passionate about informing her clients about the many alternative forms of medicine for treating chronic conditions. "We're all so quick to reach for prescription drugs or over-the-counter medication, but there are effective alternatives," she said. Jodee's product line consists of vitamins & supplements, healthy weight loss products, Himalayan Salt therapies, children's health products and various solutions for all-natural pet health. What started as a chance encounter at a Florida pool has turned into a great business that provides health & wellness options to people and pets throughout Florida and beyond.

"I was at the pool and started talking to this woman from Connecticut," explained Soltes. "We were talking about my son and his battle with Chron's Disease and she told me she had something to help with that. My son was diagnosed in the 6th grade. He had nearly six feet of his intestines removed. It's a very serious disease. Most of the prescribed medication wasn't working. Thanks to this woman's suggestion, we gave OPC3 a try and my son, Joey, starting feeling better. OPC3 is a combination of bilberry, grape seed, red wine and pine bark extracts and other powerful antioxidants with a 99% absorption rate that works to naturally curb the symptoms of diseases like Chron's. In addition to the OPC3, we started giving him probiotics and aloe. The combination did an incredible job at alleviating his symptoms. Joey was also born with Aortic Stenosis. The combination of OPC3, probiotics and aloe was so powerful that we were able to avoid possible surgery for that condition. After that experience, I was ready to set up shop and start helping others."

In addition to running Daily Intake Plus, Jodee teaches business courses at Flagler Palm Coast High School. She would love to eventually work on Daily Intake Plus full time, but needs a little more time to get the word out. She's not the pushy sales type. Her strategy has always been to form a relationship, identify the exact needs of a prospective customer, recommend a specific product and sit back as they experience the benefits of her power alternative therapies and tell others. "My products are legitimate," she said. "If I can just get people to try them once, they'll see that as well."

Jodee's advice for aspiring entrepreneurs? "Network, network, network," she said. "Get your name out there. People need to know who you are, what you stand for and to see that you're healthy because you're using your own products. Studies show it takes seven times for a potential customer to see and hear you before they actually decide to see and hear what you're saying. Whether you have Chron's Disease, a desire to improve your gut health, Plantar Fasciitis or other chronic diseases or, you enjoy the healing powers of a Himalayan Salt, Jodee has a healthy alternative solution for you.


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