Joe and Alyse Quinn

Orlando, Florida

Big Vision

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Learn about Florida Entrepreneur Joe and Alyse Quinn:

Joe and Alyse Quinn, husband and wife and co-founders of Big Vision, first met while salsa dancing. At the time, they were both pursuing their MBAs and Joe, who according to Alyse, was a very talented dancer, swept her off her feet and the rest is history. What follows is an inspirational story about a husband and wife team that pursued their dreams with unrelenting determination and a vision, a Big Vision, for how those dreams would unfold.

“For both of us, it was always a dream to start our own business,” Alyse said. “Prior to Big Vision, I worked with creative agencies for 10 years. I started in New York City as an Account Manager and over the years I’ve worked with clients like Proctor & Gamble, Hilton, and Red Bull. Joe’s background is in business strategy and finance. He worked for Harris Corporation and then, shortly after we moved to Florida in 2011, he took a job with Universal Parks and Resort’s Creative Studio. Once we had the idea to start Big Vision, the goal was for me to quit my job and exclusively focus on building the agency while Joe completed client work on nights and weekends. Joe’s eventual transition timeline didn’t exactly go as planned. Within a few weeks of launching, we were much busier than we anticipated, and Joe began the transition from his job with Universal to go full-time with Big Vision.”

Both had worked in creative environments, gaining invaluable wisdom and experience working with clients and developing strategies, but neither Joe nor Alyse were creatives by trade. They were determined that in order to create a true, modern creative agency, they would need to surround themselves with talented people that shared the same level of passion and drive for delivering excellence.

“After I left my previous agency, I let my contacts know I was starting something new and most were excited to stay in touch,” Alyse said. “I let them know that I’d love to continue to be a resource for them and, as a result, a handful of contacts who believed in what we were doing wanted to join us. Right from the start, the early wave of work justified hiring so we focused on finding the best talent we could afford. We decided not to pay ourselves that first year and used the savings to bring young, passionate team members on-board. Finding talent was definitely one of our early challenges, along with smart growth and expansion, but we started scaling up pretty quickly.”

Since Big Vision was founded in 2014, Joe, Alyse, and the rest of the team have worked hard to set themselves apart from other creative agencies. For one, the company wasn’t founded by a designer or developer with a production background, a common story in the industry. Rather, it was all about delivering their work within sound business strategy from the beginning. Also, there aren’t a lot of husband and wife teams. Joe and Alyse have a very strong and sustainable partnership that’s built on a foundation of treating people well and a genuine dedication to building the company, the team and the Orlando community. They focus on delivering the highest quality work at the most competitive rates possible to passionate and driven business owners. The Big Vision team thrives on creating award-winning work to help their clients move forward and become champions in their own industries. From content, design, tech and more, Big Vision’s philosophy is simple: By unifying their client’s brand through a combination of product, experience and marketing, they’re able to turn apathetic customers into advocates.

Looking ahead, Alyse and Joe are focused on continuing sustainable growth. “We want to grow, but we want to grow in a healthy way,” Alyse said. “We love building the businesses of other entrepreneurs as much as we love building our own businesses. To that end, we’re focused on finding clients who can innovate and challenge industry norms and those that want to be champions in their field. We like working with companies that are hungry and aggressive. We want them to have the mentality that, ‘We want to keep getting better.’ We’re always striving for greatness. We want our clients to do the same.”

What advice does Alyse have for aspiring entrepreneurs looking to start their own business? “It’s all in the hustle,” she said. “Joe’s rally cry at Big Vision has always been, ‘Effort and attitude’. Stand for what’s right, hustle and nothing can stop you. Have the right attitude along with the right effort every day and that’ll lead you to succeed.”


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